Dry Mouth & Public Speaking Anxiety

What can be done to eliminate dry mouth experienced due to public speaking anxiety?

Public speaking anxiety (stage fright) sufferers often cite dry mouth as a common symptom just prior to or during a public speaking engagement. Speakers often find it difficult to articulate specific sounds and phrases while experiencing dry mouth brought on by public speaking anxiety. As a result, the audience may notice the speaker's public speaking anxiety due to slurred or stammered speech.

First and foremost, the speaker must try and reduce anxiety - easier said than done, right? Consequently, adequate preparation of the presentation in conjunction with an appropriate combination of natural supplements can reduce anxiety and the dry mouth condition considerably.

Additionally, certain substances should be avoided and others should be readily available prior to and during a presentation. Public speaking anxiety sufferers should always avoid caffeine and dairy products prior to a presentation. In addition, several prescription medications are known to create dry mouth, including many sleep aids.

Certain foods - including citrus fruits and sometime spicy foods - promote the production of saliva. Many public speaking anxiety sufferers will take a sour citrus candy or hot candy just prior to their presentation. In addition, it is perfectly acceptable to bring a bottle of water to the podium to decrease dry mouth resulting from public speaking anxiety (stage fright).

Several prescription medications are utilized for persons who experience long-term dry mouth often association with illness - Sjogen's Syndrome - or extreme medical treatments including radiation treatment. In these cases prescription medications such as Evoxac or Numoisen may be prescribed.

Ultimately, dry mouth resulting from public speaking anxiety can be diminished. Most importantly, public speaking anxiety reduction techniques such as focused speech preparation and an appropriate combination of natural supplements are crucial. In addition, avoiding specific prescription medication and foods prior to anticipated public speaking anxiety (stage fright). Taking these steps in conjunction with adequate preparation will reduce dry mouth associated with public speaking anxiety.

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