Informative Speech Topics

Developing an informative speech topic can be a daunting task. Many students experience considerable apprehension about choosing an appropriate informative speech topic and delivering it in front on their peers.

However, our informative speech advice and tips for overcoming public speaking anxiety will enable you to execute your informative speech in style. We have developed the following categories of informative speech topics to help you choose your own topic.

Categories of informative speech

  • Current events topics
  • Famous person (i.e. Winston Churchill)
  • Significant historical event (i.e., Cuban Revolution)
  • Famous films (i.e. Casablanca)
  • Famous books (i.e, Catcher in the Rye)
  • Significant scientific discoveries (i.e. penicillin)
  • Product success stories (i.e., Pet rock, iPod)
  • Destination topics (i.e. somewhere that you have visited)
  • Lifestyle topics (i.e., vegitarian)
  • Ailment topics (i.e., arthritis)
  • Local topics (i.e., local homelessness)
  • How to topics
    • Cooking (i.e., how to bake cookies)
    • Professional skills (i.e., negotiation skills)
    • Crafts (i.e., make a piñata)
    • Sports (i.e., use a sand wedge in golf)
    • Sports topics (i.e., Notre Dame football)
  • Unexplained topics (i.e., ghosts)
  • Government topics (i.e., British court system)
  • Professional topics (i.e., highest paying careers)
  • Educational topics (i.e., Socratic method)

Hopefully these categories enabled you to develop your own informative speech topic. Once you have determined your topic utilize our informative speech advice and tips for overcoming public speaking anxiety to execute your presentation.


need help

I',m having trouble getting the right words to begin my speach.

beginning yr speech

Decide to skip the opening for now, and start by writing the Body and logical Conclusion of the speech. Then locate the main ideas of yr speech in the body and rephrase them to become yr. Introduction. Your Specific Purpose Statement, restated in powerful and interesting language, often becomes an effective opening. Think about how you'd introduce your subject if you were chatting w/a friend, and wanted to begin talking w/ him or her about it. A well-chosen quotation or anecdote can also be effective.


Whatever your opening is make sure you memorize it b4 your speech. This is when stage fright always hits me! I memorize the into and the conclusion.


Pose a question in your intro that you will resolve in your final statements. Be bold- grab their attention with your into to an informative speech

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